Why do you need a CV?

Various reasons why you need a CV, but foremost of them is, your CV is your career-life simply expressed in paper. Your CV is you. Thus, if your CV is you, then it should express you in the light that you want people to see. It is our job to make that a reality.

Some of the Benefits of Using our CV Writing/Re-write services are;

  • We offer you expertise and professional contents with great aesthetics presentation.
  • We use uncommon wordings that distinguishes you from other job applicants
  • Our CV fits the standard of the new Applicant Tracking System used by most HR Professionals
  • With our years in the recruitment industry, we give you an insider’s perspective expressed through the content.
  • We offer you a one-to-one service that enables you speak with our CV writing expert.

Steps to Get You CV Writing Service

  • Choose your desired Package
    1. Bronze (For Internships) - #2,000
    2. Silver (For Graduate Jobs) - #3,000
    3. Gold (For Middle-Level Positions) - #4,000
    4. Diamond (For Senior-Level Positions) - #5,000
  • Make Your Payment
  • Online Transfer or Bank Deposit
  • Snap Teller or Screen Shot Transaction
  • Send Payment Details, Current CV, name, email and Phone number to services@graduateng.com

Our CV Expert will contact you immediately the payment is confirmed Your New and Standardized CV will be provided in two-working days
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