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It’s important for me to mention at this very beginning that this article contains some words that are streamlined to the nursing profession. But don’t worry; as long as you could read your General Studies in school, then I’m sure you’ll be able to understand as we move on.

“Before you finish your bachelor’s program, make sure you have your RN, RPHN and RM”. You confused? I’d be too if I were you since you’re probably not a nurse. “RN”, “RPHN” and “RM” are abbreviations used in nursing which respectively means “Registered Nurse”, Registered Public Health Nurse” and “Registered Midwife”.

During my undergraduate days, sitting in a class of 18 students, lecturers who went the extra mile to advise us always ended with the first sentence of this piece. Why? Well because with these three qualifications, you can fit into a broad range of job responsibilities. Well, so they said and so I believed.

Hook, Line and Sinker

In their generous advice, they never took into consideration, the question – what if they don’t have passion for these specialties? I being ignorant of life after school, swallowed these advice, hook, line and sinker; until my final days in school when it was time to register for RM and RPHN. I opted out at first for some reasons and decided to take the exams later.

Hold on! Have you read the post on how I became a nurse? Just take a peak after this if you wish.

Now where was I? Ah ha! Let’s continue.

As time went by, I began to explore the whole view nursing had in its sight and began to find satisfaction in areas other than the two specialties- RM and RPHN. During a job interview I went for, prior to being interviewed by the panel, i and other applicants present had a meaningful discussion about what we’d do with our lives. Some talked about paediatric nursing, some peri-operative, some accident and emergency, others occupational health- these are just big big grammar you don’t need to know. I apologize. I actually just wanted to show off – and none made mention of the two specialties we were always told about in school.

I know you want to ask me if I got the job. I didn’t though. Stop thinking I failed because I didn’t. Apparently the establishment wants their employees to have their NYSC discharge certificate which I wasn’t having then. After that encounter, I got home, simply sat down and carefully considered what I find fulfilling. After making a comprehensive list in my mind and on paper, I then set my focus on them to enjoy the remaining years ahead of me.

The Truth

Truth is everyone will advise you on what “they” think is best for you. You then have the responsibility of accepting what you think is best for yourself. No one can impose you to follow a path. You simply have to decide for yourself.

I want to implore you, if you haven’t found out the career path that gives you joy, then quit wasting time and search for it. Keep searching until you find it and I guarantee you’d be happy when you wake up in the morning to go about your daily business.

After finding the path, then find out what you need to get and to do in order to earn the big figures everybody wants to earn. PROFIT/SALARY IS PAYMENT FOR THREE THINGS; SKILLS, QUALIFICATIONS AND KNOWLEDGE- I’ll explain more on this in my subsequent posts.

My name’s Harmony Owhotake and I’m a nurse. Feel free to drop a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Truth that No One Will Ever Tell you About your Career-Path

  1. Sometimes we know the truth on paper but only become reality when we are already face-to-face with the truth we use to know.

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