The Path Towards a First-Class Degree: My Own Story Graduate NG (GNG)


The story of my educational life is not much of an easy one. There were obstacles, temptations, and setbacks. It wasn’t easy overcoming them, but I did. I was able to overcome this because I was surrounded by the right set of people, I had decided what I wanted, and I had also focused on it.

The Dream

My dream to study business administration and work in a reputable firm started at the age of 13, when I was in SS2. I took my first jamb in the year 2012 and passed but I wasn’t eligible for a post UTME in UNILAG due to my age, so I had to wait for a year to take another jamb. In the year 2013, I did another jamb registration. I chose UNIBEN as my first choice and Business Administration as my first course of study even though I was asked not to due to the difficulty in getting admission into the school. I passed both my jamb and my post UTME and got the admission. My aim was to graduate with a first class.

I used my first month in school for clearance and it took me about 5 weeks to get settled. It was 100 level and you get to meet all sorts of people. It wasn’t hard for me to make friends because I was social and I would say I like to talk. Everything seemed to go on well until I discovered that History and Philosophy of Science was a GST course I had to take in my year one. It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t a science person. In secondary school, I was in the commercial department and I did not get to do subjects like chemistry, physics, etc. The only familiar subject was biology. I could not believe that I had to do chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering in History and Philosophy of Science. That was hell for me. I was not much of a night class person because I love my night sleep. I wanted to come out with a good grade in the first and second semester, so I had to join a group of friends who read at night. During our Night group reading, we discussed and explained different courses. Sometimes, we played and then continued our reading and group discussion.

The Triggering Event

Exams were closing in and I still hadn’t figured out a way to cover my history and philosophy of science, so I had to go for my first personal night class reading. I covered a lot that night and I was happy about it. Sometimes in my hostel at night, I read the book till I fall asleep while reading. There was a time I even slept on the book and it tore. I really put much effort into it and by the time my result came out, I had A in the course. But what made me a little bit unhappy was that my 100 level GPA was 4.27, a 2;1. I needed more if I was to come out with a first class.

200 level came and my scary course was Economics, I did my best and waited patiently for the result to come out. The results were out and there were rumors that more than half of the class failed. I became scared, but I looked up to God and said FAILURE IS NEVER MINE. I knew I worked hard and studied well towards that course even though it was difficult. The result was pasted and I had a B. My 300 level result was kind of a narrow escape. I had a GPA of 4.5.

That spelt hard work, if I was to remain a first class candidate. My final year was the most difficult year because I had to read some courses and also do my research project. I worked, I prayed, I read, and I never gave up. My friends told me to study and pray hard because this was the last lap and I can’t lose everything I’ve worked for because I was still hanging on the fence. I did my best and never lost focus. I would say I never had time to go to parties and clubs. I had fun with my friends but I also had a scale of preference with making good grades as the number one item. I wanted to make everyone proud.

Final Outcome

At the end of the day, I graduated with a first class and I was also the best graduating female student in my department.

My life in school gave birth to three keywords I love to use. DECIDE, COMMIT and SUCCEED. If you decide to become something, stay committed to it and believe me, success awaits you at the end. My name is Maryann Asemota, and I dare to succeed.

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10 thoughts on “The Path Towards a First Class Degree: My Own Story

  1. Thank you for the inspiring story about your academic pursuit. It shows that when we commit deligently to a cause there is nothing that can stop us from achieving it.
    I hope you can channel this can do spirit to other areas of your life.

  2. Yes, endurance and believing in oneself are two factors needed in achieving success. The sky is your starting point.

  3. Motivating read, Persistency and believing in oneself cannot be overemphasized. They are factors necessary for greatness.
    Congratulations dear
    The sky is your starting point.

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