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Like everyone else, I was filled with joy and excitement when I dropped my pen in the exam hall, after writing my final paper in the University. To me, it signified freedom from the rigid school system that had guided my everyday life for the last 3 years and more. “I can now do what I want”, I said to myself; but then, the brutal question hit me, “what do I do now?”

Being now a “recent graduate” of the Biochemistry, I was faced with so much uncertainty of how I would proceed with my career. I mean how many companies really hire biochemists these days, and I must assume same feeling is true for those who of you, who studied the so-called “unprofessional courses”. Deciding not to think much of it, I engrossed myself in my favorite series, Game of thrones, and concluded that the future would take care of itself.

Reality Dawned on Me

Well I would say that reality dawned on me, when I got home after concluding my remaining activities in school. I was bored! I had barely stayed two weeks, but I felt so uneasy about just sitting at home doing nothing. I knew a little web development, so I already had a backup plan to fully set up a freelance business on getting home but, NEPA was ever so faithful with their duties of not making electricity available. Imagine, my excitement I finally got a call one day from my brother, who said He had a connect in a pharmaceutical company and that he wanted to come to Lagos for an interview.

Without much delay I dusted up my CV(1), I had previously setup, packed my bags and the next day set off Lagos, the land of possibilities. So most of you would naturally assume that I basically had my cake handed to me, but it was not so! I went for the interviews aced it, but power fights between the person that recommended within the pharmacy and another top position holder in the company, restricted my stay to less than a week. What’s my business with their fight right? I still ask myself that question. So sadly the connect didn’t work.

So on losing the one thing that brought me to Lagos, the next question was, what’s next?

Find out in my next article, how I got to work in one of Nigeria’s Biggest Marketplace. My name is Joseph Burutu and I’m a Media-Geek.

1. For current undergraduates, you should know it’s not too early to create your CV. Your Industrial training exercises count as work experience, your awards, volunteer services, your leadership roles all form a functional of your CV. It’s very useful in applying for internship opportunities in top firm in and outside the country.
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