A negative change leading to dissatisfaction might occur in our workplace. This change could be in the form of a new boss or a new strategy with increased workload.  One could also be emotional abused as a result of bad relationships with colleagues.

You will notice the following if you are no longer interested in your job:

  1. Always looking forward to leaving the office: it is a sign of low interest in a job when a person puts his attention on the closing time. He or she is always eager to leave the office every day. It is a sign that he or she can’t wait to get out of that environment as it is no longer conducive. A person who is fully interested in a job might end up working for a long time without realizing that it is way past his or her closing hours.


  1. Always complaining about the job: if you spend most of your time complaining about your job, it means that you have issues with it. These issues could be topics for discussion with your colleagues or friends during lunch or free time. If you are spending a lot of time venting about your job and not expressing happiness, it is a sign that you are no longer into your job.


  1. Reduced performance: if you have noticed that your performance has reduced and you do not even seem to care about it; it is a sign that you are way over your job. It is advisable to get a new job that fits you because your reduced performance is not helping the company you work with.


  1. Low concentration: lack of concentration in a job is bad because it could bring about mistakes in a project or work given to you. This low level of concentration could be as a result of emotional stress. This could have been as a result of verbal abuse from superiors or colleagues.


  1. You are no longer excited about your job: most people are usually excited after getting a job offer. There is usually this excitement while coming to work because it creates a chance to put your skills into great use. The moment you realize the excitement is gone and you do not seem to care about coming to the job, it is a sign that you no longer like the job.


  1. You do not fit in with the corporate culture: if there are moral differences in how the company and you believe the firm should operate, then it is a sign that you are no longer aligned with your employer. It means that you no longer believe in what they do and how the organization operates. The environment becomes unsuitable for you and you find it difficult to cope.


  1. Lack of passion: there is always this passion when it comes to doing what you like. When you have passion for a particular job, it means you enjoy doing that job and will do your best to make it work and grow. What happens when you no longer feel that way towards your job? Something is wrong and it means that you no longer like what you are doing and do not seem to care about it.


  1. Reduced creativity and innovation: everyone is expected to contribute an idea at one point in time while working. A business is supposed to move forward. For it to move forward, it has to be creative and innovative. If you have been known to contribute meaningful ideas for the growth of a company and in the long run, ideas are not coming anymore. It means that something is wrong. This could be as a result of reduced interest in the job and a need to contribute new ideas might not be seen as needed.


  1. Boredom: if your job becomes boring, it could be as a result of low interest in that job. Boredom could lead to the willingness to always leave the office environment.
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