How To Land Your Dream Career Job - "Three Sides" Of A Coin Graduateng


“Don’t bother applying for this job. Even this one.” “Why?” I asked. “You won’t even pass the first stage. Its purely based on connect” she said with a smirk on her face.”

There are certain rare job offers that come and can only be gotten by connections but some people who honestly don’t know anybody get these jobs. But how? Let’s pause, take a deep breath and see why.


We come from a world where connections matter a lot and without it, its difficult to get a job with good remuneration and other perks. The above statement cannot be more true. But there are exceptions. There are some things that will make an establishment hire you strictly based on merit-you deserving the position- and not because you know the state governor. Now we’ve seen why, let’s answer the question, “what?” “What are they?”


With everyone’s dream job comes good remuneration and special perks. But with getting this job comes three requirements. Hence, the coin in this case has three sides, not the regular two we all know. They are; qualifications, skills and knowledge. In the previous post – WHAT NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT MY CAREER, we made reference to these three.

Let’s treat each independently.


Almost every youth in Nigeria today is a graduate. But one thing that makes you stand out from your fellow graduates is the extra qualifications you decide to pursue and add to your CV.

By qualifications, I mean certification exams as well as post graduate studies over just the regular bachelors degree or HND.

A firm will surely prefer an ICAN certified accountant over one who isn’t certified by ICAN. An HR firm will prefer a HR personnel with his CIPM over one who doesn’t have his. A company will always tilt towards to picking an HSE or NEBOSCH certified engineer over one who just has a B.Eng. You think a nurse with BLS and ACLS certifications in his CV won’t be preferred over one with just RN?

What are the qualifications required for your dream job? Find out, then go get them.


Every establishment wants to use your skills to generate revenue. So the more skillful you are, the greater your chances of impressing your interviewers as well as being paid huge figures.

A networking firm will prefer a marketer who can use his words skillfully. A hospital will prefer a surgeon with more proficiency in surgery over one with less.

What are the skills required for your dream job? Find out, learn them and become proficient.


Some knowledge comes with education. Some come with experience. Some come with personal search. No matter now they come, you need the necessary knowledge for any job position you’re applying for. Though its part of the norm of some, some companies will find it an unnecessary stress to train an employee on skills required for the position he applied for.

Not all computer programmers have knowledge on use on UI and UX design. Surely those who have this knowledge already have an edge over those who doesn’t. A teacher with the knowledge of how to write a lesson note will surely be preferred over one who doesn’t.

Do you know the necessary knowledge you need to become attractive to your employers?


When using a coin, you can’t use one side and leave the other. A coin must be used as a whole- with both sides. Likewise this unusual coin with three sides. Qualifications, skills and knowledge must have to go together, and not alone. These three don’t only help with landing your dream job. They also help in negotiating huge figures as salary.

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