Changing Career Paths: He Called it Dark Waters


He called it dark waters, I didn’t know a name for it. All I knew was I was tired and exhausted. “One more push dear”, they said to me everywhere I turned. “Oga, I don push tire, I no fit push again.” Maybe you are lost, maybe you are confused, maybe you don’t even know what you want out of life. But here is it.

What exactly is the difference between quitting and been exhausted. They all think am a quitter. But I know am not. Am a dream chaser, chasing one dream for years my entire life. A dream to become a lawyer. But I don’t know what happened to that dream.

My Story

Here’s my story. I was in science class, good with maths and science subjects, but somehow I loved arts. It’s not as if am jack of all trade. No! But arts was something I found interesting. But dad said no. “You must be a doctor or pharmacist. I want  you to pack money for me”. Hahaha. I laughed, I wrote my WAEC, made good grades but then I knew I wasn’t satisfied. After several family meetings, I was allowed to do arts because I wanted to become a lawyer. Oh now, I have studied law. I am a law graduate but then I feel its not law anymore.

My Question

Here is my question, what do you do when at every point in your life you feel you have to make a career change?Actually, finding a career path is not as easy as one thinks. Growing up we all have what or who we wanted to be. But then on getting there, we find out that life has much more to offer us than what we dream of.

So when life comes calling, don’t limit yourself. You are much more than you know – you can do much more, learn much more and expand your horizon. Don’t let people limit your skills and knowledge or abilities to what they can or cannot do. The fact that they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t. The beauty is that someday, all these various career path will come together and all fit in like puzzle pieces and with such knowledge you would be able to do something great.

So if you are exhausted with a particular career you choose, just stop, take a break, think deep. Find out if you want continue or not. Or if the universe is calling you to make a change that would add to your life in years to come. Make sure you aren’t quitting. If you are exhausted, take a break. It can be a break to go back and continue your dream or a break into something new.

Jedidiah Tessy

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