9 Ways to Get a Scholarship

Introduction There are times when we need to reduce the cost of funding our education. When this happens, a scholarship seem to be the best solution. Every year, organizations award scholarships to students. Want to increase your chances of getting a scholarship? Here are 9 ways to do so. Get information on scholarships via sites […]

First Principle Thinking

The first principle is a way of thinking for yourself. It is a fancy way of saying think like a scientist. First principle implies questioning every assumption you think you know about a role and constantly finding new ways to create a solution from the scratch. But most people tend to reason based on analogy (doing […]

Inspiring Stories of 3 Successful People

Jack Ma Jack Ma was born to a traditional musician story teller parents on October 15, 1964 in Hangzhou, China. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba group. He is the richest man in China. He wasn’t all successful at the beginning, he failed a lot of times. He failed in his primary […]

9 Signs To Know You No Longer Like Your Job

Introduction A negative change leading to dissatisfaction might occur in our workplace. This change could be in the form of a new boss or a new strategy with increased workload.  One could also be emotional abused as a result of bad relationships with colleagues. You will notice the following if you are no longer interested […]

How To Land Your Dream Career Job - "Three Sides" Of A Coin Graduateng

How To Land Your Dream Career Job – “Three Sides” Of A Coin

INTRODUCTION “Don’t bother applying for this job. Even this one.” “Why?” I asked. “You won’t even pass the first stage. Its purely based on connect” she said with a smirk on her face.” There are certain rare job offers that come and can only be gotten by connections but some people who honestly don’t know […]

How to Start a Career in Investment Banking

Introduction Starting a career in investment banking is not an easy one. The number of jobs to applicants is like 100:1. If you have ever applied for an investment banking job, you will see that it’s quite competitive. Although it is competitive, it’s filled with rewarding opportunities. What is investment banking? Investment banking is a […]

8 Things that will Destroy your Career

There are a lot of things can destroy one’s career. Some mistakes could lead to huge consequences that could end one’s career. Some people have lost offers to good companies because of what they said or did. Building a good career is not an easy one; therefore, we should not do anything to jeopardize it. […]

6 Ways to Know If that's the Right Company for You Graduate NG

6 Ways to Know If that’s the Right Company for You

Introduction Most times we do not take into cognizance a company’s culture before applying to that company. We research more on the company’s pay, position, products and executives. It is just like going into a business without taking cognizance of the environment to know if the environment is good for that business.  You have to […]

5 Tips to Help you Land that Dream Internship in Three Months GraduateNG
Mentorship and Career Coaching in your First Job Graduate NG

Mentorship and Career Coaching in your First Job

Introduction Your first job comes with lots of anxiety, fear and a sort of incompetency or naiveness. But of course, if you are a fast learner this soon becomes a thing of the pass in a few weeks or months. There are various ways to overcome that anxiety and fear of the unknown that comes […]