There are a lot of things can destroy one’s career. Some mistakes could lead to huge consequences that could end one’s career. Some people have lost offers to good companies because of what they said or did. Building a good career is not an easy one; therefore, we should not do anything to jeopardize it. The best thing to do is to be aware of the things that could destroy our career so as to avoid doing them.

  1. Doing the same thing: Change is a constant part of life. Most employees believe in doing what they have always done. Following the status quo leaves little or no room for change. In other to survive in today’s world, we have to accept change and be able to deal with it. You might get a new job in a new company with a different culture. To survive in that company, you have to accept change by learning to adapt to that environment.


  1. No development: The world is evolving and things are changing. People moved from using the typewriter to using the computer. This development in the world means that we also have to develop along with it. You have to learn a new skill and develop yourself. That’s the only way to move along with the trend, if not, you will left along the way.


  1. Be realistic about your results: Never say what you cannot do. If it will take you a week to deliver a project, tell your boss. Do not give everyone the impression that you are so good at a particular thing when you are not. Do not over promise a client or a colleague because it will be terrible if you fail to achieve it.


  1. Becoming too comfortable with the present: If you have set a goal for yourself and haven’t achieved it yet, do not stop. Work towards it continuously. Never get too comfortable with a particular job or position if that’s not where you want to end or if you are aiming higher. Do not lose track of your goals but take a look at the bigger picture.


  1. Becoming proud: It is good to be successful and to have attained a good level of performance. It feels really good knowing that you have climbed the ladder of success. The problem starts when you let it get to your head and become proud. Nothing lasts forever. Humility is a virtue one needs in order to remain successful. Pride will only set you on a path of failure.


  1. Negativity: The way we feel do affect people around us. If you have a negative mood, it is likely to affect people around you. People who have negative attitude towards their work usually complain about their work and make things complicated for everyone else. We need to remove that negative attitude in us in order to have a successful career ahead.


  1. Playing politics: This involves spreading rumors, undermining colleagues, choosing sides, initiating conflict, blackmailing, etc. To keep on being successful, we have to do away with everything that falls under playing politics. We are supposed to work hard and build strong work relationships. We are to do things we will be proud to discuss with people.


  1. Low emotional intelligence: We need to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions as well as the emotion of others. Controlling our emotions is very important. We could cause a lot of damage if we do not understand how others feel. There are times when you use words that might hurt your colleague really bad. The funny thing is that you won’t even know you are hurting the person. We need to do away with blaming others for mistakes, sudden emotional outbursts, arguments, refusing to listen to other points of view, etc.
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