6 Ways to Know If that's the Right Company for You Graduate NG


Most times we do not take into cognizance a company’s culture before applying to that company. We research more on the company’s pay, position, products and executives. It is just like going into a business without taking cognizance of the environment to know if the environment is good for that business.  You have to fit into a company’s culture to actually enjoy what you do.

How do I know if a company’s culture is right for me?

1. Do your research:

There are sites that contain reviews of various companies. This is very useful as you can find out what people have said about that company in terms of its culture. You can also connect with people who work or have worked with the company on LinkedIn to find out how it’s like working in the company or its culture.

2. Motivation:

Does the company do things that motivate you? A person who needs to hear motivational sayings from time to time might need a company that motivates it employees with motivational quotes from time to time. If you are the kind of person who loves to exercise from time to time, a company that incorporates exercise in its work week might just be the thing for you.

3. Communication:

Sending an application kicks off a cycle of communication with the recruiter. Pay attention to the time it takes for them to get back to you, how professional they are, and how personalized their communication is with you.

4. Work Environment:

When you go for an interview in a company, observe the work environment and the workers. Check to see if the work environment is lively and something you would want to belong to. Check to see how the workers relate with each other.

5. Assessment:

Pay attention to this process. You could be asked to do a test or complete a project. Firstly, did you actually like what you were asked to do? If not, that’s a sign that this might not be the right role for you. Remember that you’re probably being asked to perform this task because it’s indicative of the work you’d be asked to do on the job.

6. Job Description:

Before accepting any offer, make sure you go through the job description carefully because it tells you the things the job will require. It could also give you a glimpse of what it’s like working in a particular company. Check to see if it includes benefits and values that align with what you want. Are there keywords like “self-starter” or “independent thinker”? Think about what information the company presents about itself and prioritizes in the job description, and consider whether these things are most important to you in a job as well.


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