5 Tips to Help you Land that Dream Internship in Three Months GraduateNG


While it’s true that nothing good comes easy, it’s also important to say that good things also come to one easier than they are for others if that individual knows exactly what to do. Emphasis on “exactly”.

1. Know what you want

As obvious as this may sound, this is probably pretty the usual reasons why some students or recent graduates do not land their dream internship on time. They don’t really know what they want.

If you do not know where you are going to, everywhere will pretty look like the place. You must thus ask yourself some certain important questions.

  • What exact company(s) do I want to intern with?
  • Where are they located?
  • What qualifications do I need?
  • How’s their application process like?
  • When do their application usually commence?
  • What and what should I work on before applying? And etc.

If you can give satisfactory answers to the questions above, your journey to landing your dream internship as just begun.

2. Ask yourself if you have what it takes

Here you are carrying out a self-analysis as objectively as possible. Read reviews of previous interns in that company. Glassdor provides lots of company reviews in that regards.

Study every single thing they say. Ask them questions virtually or even when you have the opportunity to meet with them physically. Truth is the insight you will get from them can be equal to what you will call insider information.

3. Network with Past and Present Interns in the firm(s)

The world is gently going beyond just what you know to add up who you know as well. Here, your ability to socialize and ultimately work in a team comes to play.

Attend events that are around you that you know any of these interns will be available – Corporate presentations, seminars, conferences, webinars, name them.

An easier way to even do that today is reaching out to them via LinkedIn. The search button has made this easier. Simply type the company’s name. Filter with position (intern or internship) and there you go – a plethora of past and current interns.

Add them up. Peruse their profiles. Read up their articles as a few might benefit and might even have touched their experiences in that same firm.

If you get an opportunity to converse with them, give it a 100% of your shot. A conversation that will never make them forget you. Remember, as past or present interns in that firm, they have many prospective interns reaching out to them too. Why should they remember? Why should they give you more attention? Why should your name keep ringing a bell in their head? Food for thought that is.

4. Early Preparation

Now if that firm involves in any form of test in the application process, the best time to start preparing for it is not when you applied. The best time is far even before you get to apply.

The role is competitive. You have so many well-meaning candidates too who are prospecting for that role. An average score will not just be enough. A conventional grade will not do the magic.

Start preparing now. Practice that SJT, SHL, GMAT, PST and whatsoever that test might be. The earlier is always better. The shot begins now.

5. Rehearse your Career Stories

This will come handy in the course of essay writing or even interview proper. The earlier you get conversant with your career stories, the better.

The truth is, here you will have to involve in lots of retrospective thoughts. Get information about yourself that can sell you well. It’s called Self-awareness. Be aware of your strong points and weaknesses. And organize them in a way to always make you the best candidate for that role.

If you do all of these in the proper way, then your dream internship is just a way to you. Good luck

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