4 Traits to Know Students and Recent Graduates who will Never Look for a Job Graduate NG (GNG)


Have you ever looked at someone before; maybe in the university days, national youth service corps days or in this course of a job and just say “This one will never look for a job” or something like “They will never sack this one”.

You just know in your heart. Perhaps it was a display of ingenuity in their part at a point in time or seeing the general skills they have or how fast they have developed just give you that conviction.

Truth is there are really people like this. People who by all natural standards are likely never going to look for a job at least for a long period – relatively three to six month.

Now there are some of the traits that they possess that attracts them to employers and even give you their colleague a kind of confidence that they are made already.

Here are the four Traits that students and recent graduates posses that make them to never look for a job for so long;

1. Curiosity

The truth is, the current era we are in now is that of new things – a plethora of them to be precise. New systems, new knowledge, new structure, new processes, everything just new.

You need to be curious enough to be able to keep yourself abreast with the latest information and new activities around. This makes them to always be relevant and never gets redundant.

In the course of an interview, whether for students’ internship or full time offer upon graduation, recruiters look for this trait. And it’s ultimately what distinguishes the unfit candidates from the average ones and even set the perfect fits aside.

It’s important to know that curiosity only kills a cat, not a man.

2. Versatility

This is an offshoot of the previous trait. If you become curious enough to learn new things and know about everything around you, soon you would have become a student in the class of versatility.

Versatility is not having knowledge only your field or discipline. It the past its even regarded as the ability to know a little about everything. Recently however, it’s being said that the world now belongs to those who know a lot about everything.

If you are in tech, you should not be restricted to tech. Explore finance a little. Do studies about philosophy. Be curious enough to read artistic or legal books. Know how each organ behaves and why they behave.

Fact is, your contemporary who is only knowledgeable in tech can never match you who is knowledgeable in tech and also have knowledge about different other areas. You have a more encompassing knowledge. You have the ability to see things from a more robust perspective. And this ultimately gives you an edge.

This is not Jack of all trade, and master of none. It’s being a master of your trade and also being above the level of apprentice in other fields.

3. Humility to Learn

Employers are looking for people who are curious. People who are versatile and people who can also maintain moderation in expression of their knowledge especially within a team.

Virtually all organization today is an aggregation of so many sub units made up of different team. They want people who can be humble enough to teach others and also learn from others irrespective of how much they know. This is a major trait employers are looking for.

4. Continuous improvement

Some people have the trait of becoming lackadaisical upon attainment of certain knowledge, positions, and levels in general. They believed that they have paid their dues; that their contributions of the yesteryears are enough to keep their work being done.

However the truth is no matter how much you may have done, you need to constantly keep looking for new ways to improve them – new and better ways to be specific. Because what was good yesterday might be stale today and even become dangerous tomorrow. So as the time changes, you should change with it.

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