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GNG Writing Services

Do you want a top-notch CV for yourself or a cover-letter that will leave the recruiter mesmerized? Check out GNG Writing Services now. We also build LinkedIn profiles that will attract top recruiters to your page.


GNG Free Mock Test

Sitting for a Job-Test soon and confused on materials to practice? Here you go! GNG Free Mock Test allows you practice multiple test questions that are of high standards and will keep you prepare for that test. Practice now.


Graduate Career Blog

Could it be interview tips, CV writing help, application-sending orientation and all other career tips that would help you secure a job fast and help you keep it? Check out for fresh career tips on our Blog.


Scholarship Opportunities

Local and International scholarship opportunities abound. Do you want to study abroad, get financial aid to make your study here in Nigeria easier, or participate in fellowships and contests that will improve you dramatically? Check out these trending scholarship opportunities then!

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About Graduate NG

GNG provides users and visitors with an unlimited wealth of resources to help them pursue a career path and grow in knowledge of the job industry.
This is because Information is Key! Without information, no opportunity, without opportunity no luck.
It’s only when opportunity meets preparation, that luck is born.
So we provide the opportunities to meet your long lasting mental preparations, so you can finally be termed “Lucky”.

We also help students and fresh graduates secure internship and industrial training placements by serving as the link between them and various employers in Nigeria.