Tezza Business Solutions Limited, is a leading Software Quality Assurance and Testing multinational with a regional office in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services provider. Our primary goal is to be the "go to" Quality Assurance & Software Testing company in East and West Africa while developing offshore resources to fill test automation positions (and other hard to find software testing capabilities) in the North America and European markets.

Key Responsibilities:

  • We are looking for interns who would do the following:

  • Itemize names of all insurance companies in the country

  • Determine which of the companies offer Auto Insurance policies

  • Reach out to each company to accomplish the following:

  • Itemize the different types of auto polices each company has

  • Collect all application forms required to sign up for an auto policy

  • Ask and document list of requirements to get an auto policy - what is required?

  • Determine if policy varies by auto type, brand etc

  • Ask and document how premium amounts are determined

  • Ask where forms are submitted to for each company

  • Ask about claims process for each company

  • Ask how premium payments are made to start a policy

  • Ask if brokers and agents are used or if one can purchase a policy directly

Minimum Requirements

  • N/A

Application Method

Short Info

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