About Us

  • GraduateNG.com

    GraduateNG (GNG), was born out of the curiosity and inexperience that befalls many Nigerian fresh graduates who intend to get information as regards starting a career, getting a job, internships and industrial training opportunities, scholarships, master’s degrees abroad, participation in international competitions and other information that are necessary for young graduates to thrive with speed in the pursuit of a career.

    GNG provides users and visitors with an unlimited wealth of resources to help them pursue a career path and grow in knowledge of the job industry. This is because Information is Key! Without information, no opportunity, without opportunity no luck. It’s only when opportunity meets preparation, that luck is born. So we provide the opportunities to meet your long lasting mental preparations, so you can finally be termed “Lucky”.

    We also help students and fresh graduates secure internship and industrial training placements by serving as the link between them and various employers in Nigeria.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is simply to provide career-driven, cutting-edge, and timely information to every single Nigerian Graduate seeking for job, internship or scholarship.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to use cutting edge technology and unconventional networking styles in securing jobs, internships/industrial trainings and scholarships to Nigerian students and Graduates across the thirty-six states of the Federation and beyond.

  • Our Culture

    Our culture is Discovery, Development and Excellence.

    We believe that the success of Nigerians lie in their discovery of their innate abilities and potentials. We thus provide the information to help them harness it productively.

    We also believe in the development of every Nigerian Graduate and Student. We thus provide necessary information and appropriate opportunity that will make them grow to whom they really desire to be.

    Finally, we believe that there is no substitute to excellence, as that will ultimately create a distinction among graduates and students of various backgrounds, personalities and location.

  • Our Team

    Our team is made up of incurably optimistic minds who know technology can empower the world. We are a group of HR and IT Professionals, who are passionate about recruitment by using innovative technological approach. Excellence is our watchword.

    Some of our Executive Team Members are;
    Evans Uhunoma, Team Lead
    Peter Edoja, Web Developer
    Maryann Asemota, Digital Marketer.

  • Our Audience

    Our audience primarily comprise of every single Nigerian Graduate and Student. We take pleasure in satisfying their longings for information, link up and development.

    We also provide information for other Nigerian job-seekers who do not fall into the Graduate or Student Category. So as to make it as one-stop platform for all Nigerian Job-seekers.